Deb Yarra | About
Back in 1980, I borrowed my sister's 35mm camera while visiting her in Colorado and after photographing the beautiful mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park, I immediately got my own camera to start learning more and made a promise to come back to live in Colorado. In 1998, I did just that and I currently live in Colorado Springs and work both as a nature photographer and a registered nurse. I am self taught, learning  through written material, but mostly from wonderful photographer friends I've met on my journey. I use a digital camera to capture and express the emotions I feel as I connect to the natural world around me. Adobe Photoshop helps me develop the raw image into my artistic interpretation of this experience by using the many creative processes available to me in that program. When I am immersed in nature I feel joyful and at peace with the world and myself. My hope is that when you look at my photographs that they will inspire you to explore the natural world and help protect and preserve this beautiful planet we live on. With each purchase, 10% of my profits will go to help protect and preserve this gift that God has given us. May God bless you abundantly with incredible joy each time you step into nature! With Gratitude and Love, Deb