When I am out in nature, I am inspired to photograph and paint the things I see because of the joy and peace I feel when connecting to all the elements. I am so grateful for these gifts of beauty and inspiration....the deep indigo heavens filled with billions of twinkling stars; the purple mountains, encircled with orange sunset clouds on a cold winter evening; the riot of colors and buzzing of bees in springtime fields; fantastical wind and water sculpted desert rocks...all these things fill my spirit and imagination with pure joy!  I love color, texture and contrast, and the way light magically transforms an object or scene into a thing of beauty.  I am a self taught artist learning mostly through self study and the many informal lessons from my talented artist friends, whom I am forever grateful for.  I use professional photo equipment and Adobe Photoshop, as my digital darkroom, which allows me the freedom to capture the moment the way I experienced it. When I paint, my preferred medium is alcohol inks and watercolor because I love their fluid nature and how they allow me to let Spirit take over. Drawing with black ink pen encourages me to "see" differently. Most of my paintings and drawings are creative renditions of the things I observe out in nature  My photographs are helpful when I need help with dimension and perspective for the things not purely of my mind.  I create with a grateful heart to honor God and all the gifts I receive in nature. My hope is to inspire you to enjoy, protect and preserve all the things in the natural world. Ten percent of all my proceeds go to help protect and preserve our gift of nature. Thank you for visiting my website and for your purchases!  With Gratitude and Love, Deb