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Welcome to my "Alcohol Ink Originals" gallery! Alcohol inks are an amazing medium. I absolutely adore the vivid colors and the fluid nature of the inks. The inks encourage me to let Spirit take over and surrender to their beautiful unpredictable nature. Through these paintings, I hope to express the joy of having your soul immersed in these beautiful places. In nature, my heart is at peace and I hope to give a piece of that to you. Come on a journey into my painting world!

With every tile and print sale, 10% of my proceeds will go to Goblin Valley State Park and/or Dark Skies of the Wet Mountain Valley to help these organizations continue to protect, conserve, and educate people about our vital and amazing resources in nature.
Before the City Lights-SOLDBefore the City Lights-Close-up-SOLDGarden Mysteries-SOLDGarden Mysteries- Close-up-SOLDMoonlight Kiss-SOLDMoonlight Kiss- Close-up-SOLDMountain Magic Under the Milky Way-SOLDMountain Magic Under the Milky Way- Close-up-SOLDNight Vision-SOLDNight Vision- Close-up-SOLD