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Moonlight Kiss- Close-up

This is a close-up of "Moonlight Kiss", an original alcohol ink painting that was inspired by the Kissing Camels and the Moon in the Garden of the Gods, where you can see the beautiful Pikes Peak rise in the background against the deep blue of the night sky. A sweet moonlight kiss!

This is a 2"x2" tile that is painted with alcohol ink and then coated with varnish and many coats of resin to protect it and make it UV resistant. Then, the tile was mounted on a piece of natural edge Aspen slice that has been finished with stain and multiple resin coats. The finished piece has a beautiful glossy finish and it's dimensions is approximately 4" in diameter. The piece has a table top stand to display it and is signed both on the tile and the finished piece by the artist.

With the sale of this piece, 10% of my proceeds will go to support Dark Skies of the Wet Mountain Valley.

Contact me for a price and to find out if it's still available. Thank you!
Moonlight Kiss- Close-up