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Galactic Wonders in Goblin Valley

Early in May 2019, I was visiting Goblin Valley State Park to take pictures of the Milky Way and the Aquarid Meteor Shower. The galactic core of the Milky Way, which is the most colorful part, rose in the sky around 2 am in the morning, but I started taking photographs earlier in hopes of catching a meteor in my frame. I saw a few meteors, but I captured none. I illuminated the goblins using my headlamp, so the foreground was visible. Then, around 2:25am, just as I was photographing the core of the Milky Way with both Saturn and Jupiter rising in front of it, a bright meteor passed right in front of me and I knew I had the picture I came for! To stand under the stars of our Milky Way Galaxy and gaze into history and the miracle of our universe is to be humbled, awed and blessed all at once!

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Galactic Wonders in Goblin Valley